How to RE-BALANCE your gut health

Every year, 50% of Australians experience gut health problems, and 1 in 7 Australian adults experience distressing gut health symptoms which they tend to ignore in the hope that it will improve or attempt to manage themselves by avoiding certain foods. It is far more common these days for people to experience poor digestive gut health symptoms than ever before. Even your happiness depends on the microbes in your gut! People are beginning to realise that there are some probiotics far more superior than others and that it is not an easy task to buy probiotics for immunity with trusted probiotic supplements online. Some brands are supported by science and undergo regular testing, whilst others do not. That said, we need to take a holistic approach for our wellness and learn how to rebalance our gut health with a combined effort. We need to understand that it is not as simple as purchasing any probiotic supplement online to restore a healthy balance, without relying on other important factors that can optimise overall gut health with the way we live and what we put into our bodies.

One powerful way to do that is to eliminate sugar, starchy food and processed foods. It seems simple but removing these substances will eventually stop your cravings for them as the bacteria they feed begin to die. Sugar wreaks havoc on your digestive tract feeding yeast loving bacteria, as does starchy foods such as potatoes, which feed disease causing pathogenic starch loving bacteria. Processed foods full of artificial and harmful ingredients also cause damage to the gut and the immune system.

Consuming regular homemade meat stock will assist you to heal and seal your gut lining. This will allow you to better absorb food in the right way and improve your digestion.

Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, yoghurt and kefir produce active probiotic cultures that will contribute to colonizing the gut with healthy bacteria in the gutbiome. It is important to seek trustworthy brands or make your own so that you can confirm that the cultures are live microorganisms as apposed to some store bought products that may have been pasturised killing the beneficial bacteria in the commercial process.

Consuming healthy prebiotic foods will allow the healthy bacteria in your gutbiome to thrive. Prebiotics are well known substrates for probiotic growth so include foods such as garlic, onions, Jerusalem Artichoke and kewi fruit. Prebiotic foods are high in special types of fibre that support digestive health. They promote the increase of friendly bacteria in the gut, help with various digestive problems and even boost your immune system. Prebiotic foods have also been shown to improve metabolic health and even help prevent certain diseases.

Sip on warm lemon water throughout the day. It seems simple but it’s very effective as a digestive aid. Begin your day with a mug of warm lemon water and then take 2-3 sips every 15 minutes throughout your day. Before eating a big meal, have a cup of lemon water 15 minutes beforehand. Then as you eat your meal, take just teeny, tiny sips of water.

To bring all this together, we wish to help you optimize your opportunity to get the right gut balance every day. For this reason we have formulated Gutbiome Synbiotics with our intention to deliver the best gut health supplement to establish the right balance without compromising all the good you are doing with your diet. We have put much thought into our formula to accommodate specific diet protocols including the most sought after requirements for people who are looking for a casein and gluten free probiotic supplement. Our Gutbiome Synbiotic Broad Spectrum Formula contains both probiotics and prebiotics with 18 different strains from 4 different genus groups at the strength of 20 Billion Colony Forming Units. It’s unique combination of synbiotic ingredients with uncompromised quality has earned it’s place as an ethical scientifically supported consumer focused brand.

We know it is not always easy to maintain the ideal diet with all the above recommendations on every occasion, however if you are able to maintain the above principles on a regular basis with only the occasional stray from your routine, Gutbiome Synbiotics taken daily will continue to work on your digestion and maintain healthy immune system function whilst you continue to be true to yourself with permission to live a little more on the wild side.

A happy healthy life begins in the gut.


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