Probiotic Care

How to care for your probiotics

How to care for your probiotics

We understand that premium quality synbiotics may be a new concept to you and in order for these live microrganisms to exert their power of influence over your gutbiome, they must be able to reach it in good viable shape, and for this reason we want to share with you, the best care to enable them to thrive.

Our synbiotics are stored under controlled temperatures at below 25 degrees C for guaranteed shelf life and viability.  Whilst they do not require refrigeration, the live microorganisms are delicate when exposed to moisture and heat and require appropriate care after opening and when using them.  They are living micro creatures after-all and will thrive best in the right living conditions as do most living things.

Our general customer care guidelines for our synbiotics will help you better understand their ideal storage and care requirements to optimise their benefits.


Heat can reduce potency

  • Our product is shelf stable when stored below 25 Degrees C.
  • Avoid heat above 25 Degrees C and do not add your synbiotic to hot porridge or hot drinks as this will kill the beneficial bacteria.
  • Exposure to extended heat over time during storage will commence the reduction of viable CFU count and affect their therapeutic potential.
  • Short trips during transit (postal journeys) will not impact the product and we recommend customers select express options in periods where shipping companies experience delays due to floods or other circumstances.


Moisture can cause our powder formula to clump, harden an deactivate the strains. (dispose if this occurs)

  • Only use the spoon provided and avoid moisture from other wet spoons or scoops held with wet fingers.
  • Do not leave the lid off the container when sitting on the kitchen bench to avoid moisture that may cause the powder to harden in the jar.
  • Keep the screw lid tightened at all times.
  • Moisture will activate probiotics.  We don’t want the probiotics to be activated until they reach the mouth where moisture will activate them to become live bacteria in the body.


  • We recommend storing in the refrigerator after opening to maintain freshness.
  • Do not use if your product has expired or been exposed to moisture or heat causing product clumping or hardening.
  • Formulation methods have been carefully evaluated to account for the number of colony forming units required to maintain label CFU count for shelf stability and efficacy.
  • Best consumed within 30 days after opening.


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