Do probiotics need refrigeration?

Do probiotics need refrigeration?

Probiotic bacteria are naturally sensitive to heat and moisture. This is particularly problematic if you live in a warm or humid environment. Heat can kill the live microorganisms the longer they are exposed, and moisture can activate them. This doesn’t mean that all probiotics need refrigeration though. The notable difference is whether the manufacturer (of a probiotic that doesn’t need to be refrigerated) is using methods and specific technology that allows the probiotic to remain stable and active at room temperature and also support this with testing the stability at room temperature over the suggested shelf life duration. Companies that undertake stability testing for each batch to measure the viability of the strains over time also reassure their consumer focused position for the probiotic functionality and it’s beneficial end use.

Understanding the sensitivities of live probiotics allows us to provide special care of them when we take them home. Whilst Gutbiome Synbiotics do not require refrigeration, there are some general rules to consider that may be overlooked if you don’t understand their sensitivities. Avoid leaving probiotics for long periods of time in a warm humid environment that exceeds 25˚C and take the warmer months into account if your storage area is warmer than this at any particular time. In this instance, we recommend controlling the temperature with refrigeration. Only use the scoop provided and avoid using other spoons that may contaminate the live microorganisms. Wet spoons will add moisture to the mixture and activate the microorganisms before they get the chance to be used in the body.  When we supplement a dose of Gutbiome Synbiotics, we want the moisture from our body to activate them so they can go to work right away.  The advantage with synbiotics is the added benefit of prebiotics which act as the direct food source for the probiotics as soon as they become activated and looking for food to survive the long journey.  The prebiotics support the growth of the probiotic strains as they travel through the digestive tract to make large families in the gutbiome.  The prebiotics also feed our own beneficial indigenous bacteria, allowing them to grow and support our immune system function.

Our independent stability testing measures the viable count of our probiotics at 25˚C (room temperature) so this supports short travel transit times in the post and you can easily take them away with you when traveling. Travel can often be a barrier for probiotics that require refrigeration. For example, if you travel a lot and your product requires refrigeration all of the time, it can be difficult to carry around a heat-sensitive bottle of probiotics wherever you go, so you’re more likely to just leave it behind and forget about it when you need it most.

The most important thing is that the probiotics remain viable in the gutbiome, so as long as you are storing your synbiotics in the right way and are mindful of their sensitivities, they will be supporting your health in the way they are intended.

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